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Burnt Umber

Burnt Umber

Umber is not one precise color, but a range of different colors, from medium to dark, from yellowish to reddish to grayish. The color of the natural earth depends upon the amount of iron oxide and manganese in the clay. Umber earth pigments contain between five and twenty percent manganese oxide, which accounts for their being a darker color.



Hematite is produced through beneficiation and fine grinding of our exclusive ore body. Hematite is used in Oil Drilling and Ferrites.

Physical characteristics:

Tile Jointing Grout TJF

Tile Jointing Grout TJF

Product Description
Ready to use cementitious waterproof coloured tile joint filler.
It is a gap filling material between different wall and floor tiles like ceramic, glazed, vitrified, mosaic, glass mosaic and marble tiles etc.

Onmix Tile grout is a gap filling material between different wall and floor tiles like ceramic, glazed, vitrified, mosaic, glass mosaic and marble tiles etc.

Characteristics / Advantages
Cementitious, only water to be added Available in standard Onmix shades Resistant to dust penetration. Excellent bond with tiles. Easy to Clean.

Product Data
Form Appearance / Colours Ivory, white, black, grey, sky blue, cream.
Packaging: 1kg Bag

Storage Conditions / Shelf-Life
6 months from date of production if stored properly in undamaged original sealed packaging in dry and cool conditions.

Technical Date
Chemical Base: Cement, selected fillers and additives

Substrate Quality
All dust, loose and friable particles must be completely removed from all surfaces before application of the product, preferably by brush and/or vacuum. The adhesive or mortar used for bedding the tiles must be completely cured before application of Onmix Tile grout.

Application Instructions
Mixing 350-380 gm per water per 1kg pack of Onmix tile grout.

Application Method / Tools
Tile grout. is applied by trowel, spatula into the joint. Then "smooth" evenly to level and finish. After that remove residual material with a spatula and clean the surface with a sponge and water. Do not press on or into the joints.

Notes on Application / Limitations
Apply only to sound, prepared substrates. Always use in a small area at a time so that excess grout can be cleaned from the tile surface as soon as possible by using water with a dry sponge or cloth During cleaning move the sponge crosswise to the joints and not along the joints Protect freshly applied material from water.

Additional Information:

Ferric Oxide

Ferric Oxide

Ferric Iron Oxide is a unique natural red hematite produced through beneficiation & fine grinding of our exclusive domestic ore body. This product may be used in ferrite, Glass, Oil Drilling

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